Friday, February 27, 2009

Don't let GOP Senator Gregg's doubletalk fool you

How do you get from $250,000 / year income to 'poor small business owner who can't afford to create any more jobs' in 25 words or less? Ask Senator Gregg, the GOP whiner who thinks NPR is a socialist network. In his NPR interview yesterday, he responded to his interviewer's question about President Obama's tax increases for the wealthy with some pretty sketchy reasoning.

When queried about the fact that these might be just the people who can/should pay more for the ultimate good of the country's recovery, Gregg mangled his logic into something like: Yes, but these are the people who, most likely, run small businesses; so they are the ones who create the jobs (do YOU work for a small business? ? ) and, from there, it was a quick sprint to the loss of jobs and the lack of new jobs. Well, folks, if your income is $250,000, that is AFTER expenses, including salaries. I don't think small business owners create new jobs with their salaries; they do that with their capital. If they're really in the business.

What was he thinking? And how was he thinking we wouldn't question it? That we'd be joining his side as soon as we made the link to Joe the Plumber? That one didn't work then, and it ain't workin' now.