Friday, November 9, 2012

Post-Mortem for the GOP

The Fox pundits had lots of chances in the past to point to the GOP's demographic shortcomings that they now say cost them the election. If the party (or Fox) had actually used pollsters for their intended purpose instead of for propaganda, they'd have known what would happen.

I am wondering whether some of the country's ultra-wealthy will want to take a different tack in terms of how they use their $$ in campaigns.  There is a distinct irony here in all these folks spending all this money to protect their financial interests through the political system where they actually lost billions. Wrong investment strategy.

Ridiculous Talking Point Award goes to:  "Romney was better than his campaign"  (first heard from the mouth of Chris Robling, half of Chicago's WGN Political Duo). Romney was IN CHARGE of his campaign. It was HIS campaign, HIS hires.  What if he'd been elected and all you could say about him was that he was better than his 'Administration'? Puh-leeze.

The idea--thrown out in the President's acceptance speech--that Obama would want to sit down and talk with Romney is probably only about being gracious.  The unsuccessful GOP challenger landed his party's nomination essentially by default, after the ultra-conservatives were discredited one-by-one. I can't be the only one who doesn't see him as wielding any power in the party now. But seriously, based on the chameleon-like policy changes that marked his campaign, wouldn't we be surprised if Romney took any kind of leadership role in marshalling the GOP back to its center?  Or in anything?  Heck, he'd have to move to a new state to get even a senate seat... Well, maybe he'd like to live in Utah.  Looks like could win there.

Many are predicting the GOP will regroup or become even further marginalized, but regrouping toward the center has not been the GOP's strength since before Reagan. They have created a monster that many of us wish they'd dismantle, but perhaps if this election means anything, it means that if they don't dismantle, they will lose their voice. If you missed the stunned faces of  Sarah P and [some white guy in a suit] on Fox going on and on about their worn-out, racist-based, 'real American' saw, you can see it here via Jon Stewart's show.   Regrouping may not happen very soon.