Monday, March 23, 2009

Recession Recipe - Sock Soup

Need to make room in your sock drawer? Want to stretch those recession grocery dollars? Here's a recipe that might help you bag both those 'birds' with one stone!

This notorious recipe has been bandied about in my family since those tough times we now call The Great Depression. No family member around today has actually imbibed. Why don't you dig out your soup pot and tell the tale?

Disclaimer: try at your own risk!

Depression 'Sock' Soup

1 medium onion
3-4 chopped cloves of fresh garlic
2-3 pairs of old socks (laundered, of course!)
8 cups water

Toss first 3 ingredients into a soup pot. Add water. Bring to low boil over medium heat. Simmer 'til done. Discard socks. Salt and pepper to taste. Pour into ramekins (that's all they had back then. Ramekins for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; filled with sock soup).

Up next: shoe-leather steak sandwiches!


  1. Very funny! Do you suppose the onion and garlic was supposed to mask any flavor that may have been left behind by the socks (even though they were laundered)?
    Reminds me of the humorous recipe passed down from my ancestors of 'Chicken Track Soup.' They were so poor they let the chicken run through the soup, and that way they could use the same chicken over and over to flavor additional pots of soup :)

    Linda Dougherty

    1. Love it! Your soup is based on the same ideas as mine!

  2. Very funny and very creative Debra! I look forward to the next recipe.

    Christine McIvor