Friday, September 7, 2012

I'd like to congratulate University of Colorado President Bruce Benson on his thoughtful essay entitled "Is College Worth It?" -- but I feel constrained to comment on one of the opening statements of that essay supporting the value of a college education:  "Many advocate an increasing focus on trade schools or community colleges, or no college at all."

'Community colleges' should not be placed in the same category as 'high school'.  Many lower income families use community college as a stepping stone to the more expensive four-year universities and colleges. I see the  US president's efforts to make it possible for more Americans to attend community colleges as well-placed and supportive of CU's broader educational mission.

Community colleges are not 'anti-higher-education,' they are part of higher education.

Whereas there is a misguided attack on higher education in the public dialogue, I think CU should see community colleges as its ally in countering this attack, for all the reasons stated in President Benson's essay.
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